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Bulk Ad Postcards Fresno, CA: Affordable Direct Mail Advertising for Local Businesses

About us

Welcome to! Spearheaded by Brad Smith in Fresno, CA, we're revolutionizing direct mail with our bi-weekly, double-sided postcard ads and coupons, blending the charm of traditional mail with modern design and targeted delivery. Our mission? To connect local businesses directly with their ideal customers, cutting through digital noise with tangible, impactful mailers. Whether you're aiming to elevate your brand, discover local deals, or support the community, is your gateway to effective, personalized advertising that makes a difference. Join us in making every mailer count!

How it works

Here’s how the BigBigMail postcard service works: we offer a generously sized 6.5 x 9-inch postcard, mailed through Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). This system allows you the flexibility to either purchase a small section of the postcard for your advertisement or acquire multiple sections to either link them together or distribute your presence across the postcard. You have the option to feature an advertisement or, preferably, a coupon to ensure your postcard is eagerly anticipated upon arrival in the mail.

You can choose to buy one section for your ad and another for your coupon, or opt for both sides—placing your ad on the front and your coupon on the back. We assist in perfectly aligning your ad with your coupon, eliminating any concerns about disconnection between the two. Beyond our flagship BigBigMail postcard, we also offer the option to create flyers and other customized postcards, extending our printing services to fully cater to your marketing needs. This isn’t just about sending out a postcard; it’s about creating a targeted, impactful advertising strategy that reaches directly into homes.

BBM Postcard Back
Front of the postcard sample

Unlike other advertising platforms, such as newspapers and business listings, we ensure that no direct competitors are featured on the same postcard at the same time. Our unique approach includes a bidding process for each block of the postcard. Once a business, for example, a nail salon, secures a spot on an upcoming postcard, that category is locked, preventing any other nail salons from being featured on that specific mailing. This exclusivity ensures that your ad stands out without direct competition in the same mailing.

For businesses interested in securing a spot, we offer a transparent auction process. Competitors can bid for the next available slot, but to maintain fairness, auction prices are capped at four times the base value of the position. Additionally, we provide an option for scheduling a rotation among businesses, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to be featured. The next business in line will automatically be scheduled for the following rotation, guaranteeing visibility and access without the need for continuous bidding. This system is designed to provide equal opportunities for all businesses while maintaining a balanced and competitive advertising environment.

Long-standing clients will be automatically assigned to available spaces that match their property size requirements. While some areas may feature branding from external areas, we ensure that this does not conflict with our strict policy of avoiding competitor overlap within the same region. This approach maintains our commitment to exclusivity and fairness, ensuring that no direct competitors are listed in close proximity.

Looking for clients

Coming soon.


Block Sales Coming Soon. Initially, we are only providing quotes based on the first production runs. In the future, the program will introduce live bidding for blocks and zones. We are currently seeking clients interested in testing these zones.

4x6 Postcard
Starter Pack

2500 4x6 postcards
$ 2,500 Single run
  • Small Zone Marketing
  • Comes with standard design
  • EDDM to Selected zone
  • Custom link tracking

4x6 Postcard

5000 4x6 postcards
$ 4,675 Single run
  • Large zone
  • Comes with standard design
  • EDDM to Selected zone
  • Custom link tracking
  • A single-page website dedicated to web tracking, complete with a custom domain.


Each region area will have a minimum of 2500 postcards and a maximum of 5000.

Our Team

Brad Smith - Owner

Brad Smith

Originally From Riverside (Southern California). Ran the BigBigMail Program From 2007-2010


Could be you?


Could be you?


Could be you?


Could be you?

Seeking a flexible job that allows you to work on your own schedule? BigBigMail is on the hunt for sales agents to visit local small businesses and assist in securing placements for our postcard program. Email your resume to for more details.

Agents:As an Agent for BigBigMail, you’ll actively engage with local businesses, presenting sample cards and serving as the brand’s ambassador. You’ll earn a commission for every order placed by clients you onboard. Each agent is assigned specific zones, ensuring no internal competition. Should a business decide to participate in a zone, the agent responsible for that zone will secure that client.

Zone Management and Business Development: I’m in search of a bookkeeper, business development team, graphic designers, phone agents and more.

Some of our clients:

These are currently only samples, but you can have your business name featured today with the BigBigMail postcard.